Who Can Foster?

We are often asked about who can foster and what makes a suitable foster carer. We hope to attract a diverse range of carers so that we can make sure children feel comfortable and that all of their needs are met. We encourage people of all races, cultures, religions and sexuality to apply to become foster carers.

We accept applications from:

  • Couples or individuals
  • People who have or do not have children of their own
  • People whose children live at home
  • People who work and those who do not work or are retired
  • People who receive benefits
  • People with a physical disability
  • People who rent or own their accommodation
  • People who smoke (can only foster children ages 5+)
  • People with criminal convictions for minor offences
  • People who have had health problems in the past

We cannot accept applications from:

  • People who do not have a spare bedroom
  • People who have themselves, or a member of the household, have had a conviction which is detrimental to the welfare of children/vulnerable people, or is a specified offence under the Fostering Service Regulations 2011
  • People with significant health challenges or issues

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