Payments To Carers

Foster carers are self employed and will be paid a weekly allowance when a child/children are placed with them.Payments are made to ensure all children in placements are well cared for, and as recognition for your work as a carer.  

Some things to consider:

  • Each placement is different, and allowances will vary depending on your experience, the type of placement and the care that is needed.
  • Placements range from £305-£500 per week.
  • Parent and child placements are often a higher rate due to the support required.
  • If a child requires extra support then this may be taken onboard and additional finances provided.
  • A reduction of 10% for more than 2 siblings is often applied because of savings that can be made.


What do payments cover?

Payments should cover but aren’t limited to – clothing, food, washing, celebratory gifts, personalising their bedroom, internet and telephone access and travel. Cuffe and Lacey expect at least the minimum weekly allowance to be spent on any child in placement. More information can be found here:

Foster Care and Tax:

Foster carers receive tax relief on fostering earnings. You can read more on the government website: 

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