Independent Social Work Services

As a company we offer a wide range of Independent social workers with vast experience, knowledge and skills to support adults and children from diverse backgrounds. We have been able to create a strong network of independent social workers, allowing us to offer a service which can be tailored to individual needs and particular situations. Our independent social work aims to achieve the best outcomes for every adult and child who we encounter in our service, as we believe it is essential that we offer the highest standard of service to everyone who is involved.

Independent social work offers flexibility for both parties, as well as allowing social workers to challenge themselves and be their own leaders. As our company has been able create a strong experienced network of social workers, advice and counselling is often offered between staff enabling us to maintain the highest levels of service. We can provide practical and therapeutic aid as well as detailed risk assessments, with the ultimate aim of assisting the adult or child.

We believe in the utmost justice and fairness for each adult and child, as we understand different circumstances arise in each and every case. Also we understand that many cases involve vulnerable adults or children, therefore we have multiple safeguard measure in place to ensure their safety and well being.

Our independent social workers can provide experienced, professional and personal help for anyone in need and are always prepared to go the extra mile. As a company we assist in this process, which can have life changing conclusions for the better. As well as aim to be the guiding force that soothes any potential issues and makes sure that the highest levels of professionalism are upheld, whilst maintaining a personal feel.

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